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Posted on:July 17, 2021. 9:40 am

HOW TO GIVE BIRTH TO THAT BOOK IN YOU. By: J.O. Odewande. There is a general literary statement that says: “everyone has a book in him.” If everyone has at least a book in him, it translates that everyone is pregnant of a baby-book yet to be born. The truth about this statement is that everyone who has been born into this earth is bound to grow and as he passes through life, he gets knocks and blows here and there; passes through ups and downs as he journeys through to maturity. As the years rolled by, all those knocks, blows and ups and downs he had gone through in the past during growth, now become part of life experience. The development of any man is based on these experiences of life. His ability to stay on top of life difficulties, his courage to continue to move on in the time of trouble, the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he had demonstrated to straighten the crude and curve road on the path of growth and development; all these put together made a man to be what he is today. When these experiences are put together, they become a big stuff which require sharing with the society because condoning such experience within the owner alone becomes valueless. Why keeping your life experiences only to yourself when others could gain and learn from them? Any man born into the earth cannot do but grow and there is no way a man could grow without gaining experience of life. It is on the bases of life experiences that a man expresses the quality of his achievement and failures in life and these demand expression on paper in black and white so that readers of present generation or those yet unborn could have access to the records to learn from. As many people want to put down their experience of life in black and white for people to read and learn from, they complain much about the challenges facing them that would not make their dream of writing to come to lime-light. Some of these challenges are man-made, some are based on assumption, while others are based on ignorance and imaginations. Very few of these challenges are real but they are not as big as they thought and are not also enough to stop them from putting their experience down on paper because they could be resolved. The situation is like a farmer who had stayed in the village for many years; he then decided to come to the city but did not even know any of the roads again that could lead him to the city anymore because he had totally lost his old vision of the city. Sincerely speaking, if you are one of the people with a good intention to write and you are being faced with one challenge or the other debarring you from writing; please, be patient to thoroughly go through this write-up from the beginning to the very end; after which you will be surprised that you possess great potentials good enough for writing that great book you’ve long been yearning for. Solutions to the major challenges debarring the willing writers from writing are discussed below. If the points raised therein are followed to the letters and are put to its maximum use, they will not only write just a book; but may write powerful books of difference capable of becoming some of the best sellers of the good books around today. Some of these assumed challenges include: 1. I do not have a degree: This is a man-made challenge which has no weight at all. Where did you get the idea that only people with degree can write a book? I want to tell you that degree has nothing to do with your putting down on paper the great beautiful stuff in your brain. There are thousands of people without degree who have written best seller books from time in memorial. There are stories of dropouts from the college who have written wonderful books that have sold in millions of copies. Your qualification does not matter; all that matter is your great ideas put together in order; carefully and thoughtfully put down on paper; free of grammatical and spelling errors. 2. I Don’t Write or Speak Good English: The good thing about this is that nobody is asking you to come and make a speech of any kind or write an excellent essay. All that is required of you is to be able to write your ideas down in an understandable manner. This I know you could do if you are able to have a free discussion with your friends in English language and they could understand the points expressed, then, in like-manner you could always write your ideas down as the issues occur to you. But if the condition is so bad to the extent that you believe you can’t still write reasonably; you can enroll for some extra lessons in English language to boost your English vocabulary and expression on paper. Your case is going to be like a science student who from theory class, enters into the laboratory to put to practice what he has learnt theoretically. As you train, you put what you have learnt into practice by developing your book ideas as long as your training lasts; and as you write, you can present your write-up in parts to your coach to go through for you. As he does this, he makes all necessary corrections and you can as well see and note your mistakes. If you are the serious type, you can easily polish your English and within a very short time, it will marvel you the rate at which you improve and master English language. 3. I Have No Time To Write: This is a lame excuse. From time immemorial, there has never been enough time to do all what human beings wanted to do; and till the end of the world, there would never be enough time to do everything human beings want to do. But despite that there is no enough time to do everything we want to do; people still do a lot of great things within the twenty-four hours God endowed all human beings. We all have twenty-four hours a day, and nobody is found staying indoors without doing one thing or the other that is very vital to his or her life. We are all doing one thing or the other but the irony of life is that we all create time out of no time to do what we love to do. The truth is that what we love to do is our priority at one time or the other and that is what we have time for. If you have put writing as one of your priorities, you would surely create time for it and you will surely have time to write. For example, if you create two hours for your writing everyday – (i.e.) one hour early in the morning and one hour in the evening; you would be putting twelve hours a week of six working days. If you make this a constant habit putting twelve hours in your writing on weekly bases, at the end of the month, you would have invested forty-eight hours into your writing. Though it depends on your schedules on the weekends, you could go beyond the forty-eight hours proposed on both Saturdays and Sundays. This would be to your advantage. To make the above proposal work a magic for you, be highly disciplined and honest to yourself regarding the maximum use of your time on daily basis; make it a habitual character to write constantly on daily basis and at the specific chosen scheduled time. If you are waiting for an ideal time you would have bulky hours to sit down and write, I bet you, that time would never come and you’ll never become a writer. If really you want to write, bring your idea of book writing to the top of your priority list, that time you need for your writing will make itself available and eventually that book in you will be written. (4.) I am a new writer, I may not get a Publisher: This may be true of a new writer really; but it is not enough to stop you from writing your favourite book. Don’t let the issue of a publisher turn you away from doing what you love and long been craving for. The first thing to think about is to start writing and finish the book, then the issue of publishing it could then be considered. After you have done everything required to make the book fit for publishing, you can then find a Publisher. Getting a Publisher may not be a ready-made one as one could have expected like in the case of an established writer; and at the same time, the number to be consulted before the book is accepted for publishing cannot also be predicted. This depends on your conviction about the quality of the book you have written. “A problem known” the philosopher says, “is half solved.” Now that the secrets of why you’ve not been able to write are known, you’ve received a great courage and assurance that you could definitely write your long-expected book. But it is one thing to start writing a book, another thing is to be able to finish. A partly written book is not yet a book until it is finished, published and find itself in the bookshops’ shelves. A lot of things could contribute to this menace of starting but unable to finish writing a book. It is very important to be aware of these problems from the beginning so that you always get out of its trap whenever they rear their heads. The very important ones are discussed below: As you are planning for your book, you must understand that you will require a chunk of writing hours between the time you start and the time you put a last dot in front of the last word of your book. You will need to work out the number of words required to make up your book as well.  It is mandatory that you give yourself a target of number of words you must be writing per day. You must therefore have to write on daily basis and meet it.  Break down the number of the total words and divide it with the number of your daily target must written words. By this you will know the number of days, months or even years required for writing the book. You can then convert the number of days to weeks or month or years as the case may be. The time required to finish your book will depend on the volume of the book.  You must sit down and write on daily basis in the face of any odd to meet your daily target.  Once you start, you must be very desperate with great hope to finish. And the only solution to this is to avoid any possible distraction during the cause of working on your book.  Hold your focus, be hopeful and create a strong determination to succeed at your writing project no matter the challenge.  Continue to give yourself affordable remunerations as you write on and meeting your daily writing schedules. Anything at all that is good enough to make you happy and continue to keep you going on the job. Completing your book and printing a final copy give you a great joy. In the case of an established writer, a publisher is most of the time ready before the author even start to write. As a new author therefore, you could start to search for a publisher as soon as you start writing your book. If until you finish writing, you could still not get one, then you should continue to search for a publisher until you get one who is ready to publish your book. As earlier explained, being a new author may make it difficult to get a ready-made publisher; but it is not enough to say you will not get one. This situation is a common problem as a new writer. How many Publisher should you contact to get acceptance for publishing? Here I will say as many as you are able to get one to say yes to your desire - publication. Getting rejection from many Publishers does not mean that your book is not worthy of publishing; rejection depends on each publisher’s view over the work. J.K. Rowling’s first book – titled “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone” was rejected by 12 different publishers until the 13th one gave his acceptance and the book was at last published; became a best seller, made into film and translated into many languages later. This single book did not only bring the writer to limelight, but also took her to the position of a millionaire. Let us assume that after you’ve tried all the possible means to get a publisher totally failed and you could no longer wait, then you can try the last option which is – “Self-Publishing.” To every problem, there is always a solution. There are many authors today, who damned the consequence and took to self-publishing after all trials and hope to get a publisher failed. They had strong belief in their work and went on to self-publish their book; many of such books later became best sellers of our time. The good aspect of this last method is that you are in full control of your work. Since you will be responsible for the ads, marketing, and distribution of the book and at the same time control the number printed from time to time, you can easily and always monitor your sales and stock of your book. This full control will enable you to always and adequately order for reprint to replenish the stock at the right time. “Forget about the fear and do it anyhow.” Thus, the statement of wisdom goes. I will advise that you put away all your fears, wear the amour of courage and go straight away into your writing. Remember that the project is your baby and nobody forces it on you; nobody therefore can embarrass you through a hard criticism, if found out that you are not writing well or made blunders. Understand that if you don’t do it wrongly it can never be rightly done. It is a standing fact that people learn from their mistakes. If you don’t write, you will never become a writer. Keep on writing; what you are writing is not a final write-up; the joy is that anything you write at one time or the other is subject to correction and manipulations later; so, you don’t need to fear or panic about any type of criticism anybody may give or discouraging comment any person could make at any point in time. Just be focused and obsessed about writing; continue to write, love what you write and always aim at finishing your book writing project. After everything has been said and done, how happy would you be that very day you find the beautiful copies of your book in the shelfs of the bookshops? What is going to be your feeling when the sales of the book start bringing money into your pocket? How proud would you be when you pass by, and you hear people discussing some issues raised in your book without knowing that the author of the book they are discussing is passing by? Great! I believe. It is usual. That is the joy of success. But for anybody to have success at one time or the other, it always requires paying a price. In history, for everyone that had experienced success if asked; will tell you the price he paid for the success he had. Your situation couldn’t be an exception. From the discussion so far, you would believe that anyone who has flair for writing could write if he’s really determined and ready to pay the price it demands from him or her. All excuses listed and discussed above and their likes are mere man-made created through unnecessary fear by just mere wishing writers whose intention to write is too weak and failed to see any trace of light from the artificial darkness created by and for themselves. Even where any one or more of these challenges exist at all; the joy of it all is that, they could be resolved. Having been empowered with great courage and now seeing yourself as a competent person who is capable to handle a writing project, the next line of action is to go straight into real writing at no any other time than now. Once you start, you will definitely finish. Do not forget to invite me when you are launching your book; I will certainly be there to share the joy of success with you. Happy writing!

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